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About Us

With more than 15 years in the graphic design business, Kat Georges offers a thorough understanding of the elements of effective communication. The increased visual sophistication of clients. The underlying interplay between form and function, images and words, communication and memory. This knowledge, interlaced with the particular profile of your company, provide the wireframe that informs every project, every time.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our basic philosophy makes Kat Georges Design effective in a broad spectrum of industries. Our client roster includes corporations and mid-size firms from such diverse industries as:

Finance Education Fashion
Healthcare Corporate Law Publishing
Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Entertainment

We've been often asked what we specialize in. Our answer: results-driven, highly-effective visual communication.

Cost-Effective Communication

In a world increasingly guided by the bottom line, Kat Georges Design is the right choice. We work within your budget, from concept to completion. We understand the high- and low-ends of marketing, and provide solutions that work every time.


  Kat Georges Design print & web design & production
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